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Freelance writer, literary graduate and minor lad. In America for pleasure, not business. I've never been before, so I thought I should. Should I have done it all at once? Can it all be done at once? Only one way to find out...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Off I go

As of tomorrow, I will be in the United States. For those of you that have it, please don't call my mobile, or we will both regret it. There are no pictures up, as none have been taken. That said, I may put a taster map up to show my route. Feel free to post messages of approval, motivation, or general distaste. If you feel that this is genuinely rubbish, say so. You could even stop reading it. Or, you could just cross fingers, and hope that my penchant for oatcakes gets me eaten by a bear in Yellowstone. I'll be back in the UK in October, hurricanes, plane crashes, and Yogi bears notwithstanding.

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